Machines used in Akteks

We can categorize the machinery of Akteks in these groups:

We have two different printing departments; rotation and digital. In digital printing, 2 Reggiani printing inkjet machine can produce 7000 mts of printed fabric per day. In addition, 300 mt transfer paper is printed on the Mimaki paper printing machine. In rotary printing, there are 2 printing machines, 1 Stork with 10 color options and 1 Reggiani (magnetic-rod) with 12 heads, 2 steamers, 3 rotary screen washers and 1 doctor blade cleaner. By the help of chemical (&dye) automation system (Automatic Color Kitchen) Akteks provides a healthier repetitive production by minimizing human error.

Tie Dye
We have 2 tie-dye machines with a total capacity of 1200 meters.

Plain Dye
With one pad-batch machine, its daily capacity is 15000 mt. If requested, plain dyeing in jet machines can be applied.

There are four 30 pus, two 26 and 32 pus knitting machines with a total daily capacity of 2500 kg. Akteks uses the principle of preventive maintenance, not restorative for all machines and keeps our production technology updated with the machine revisions and program supports when needed. We consider investing in new machinery in order to keep machinery up-to-date.

There are 3 stenter machines in the finishing section where pre-fixing, drying and finishing operations are carried out. The total daily capacity of the stenter machines, each of which is 8 cabinets, is 90,000 mt.

Pre-finishing and washing
All types of knitted and woven fabrics (with or without elastane) can be finished in the mill. With our 100-300-400-500 and 600 kg jet machines, all ordered quantities can be washed in the fastest way. In gas singeing machine, 15000 mt of cotton or viscose woven fabrics can be processed. In the same area, we have 2 continuous-washing machines which have 14-cabinets.

Akteks Textile
Akteks Textile
Akteks Textile
Akteks Textile


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