• Continuous development...

    Akteks Textile, which is a close follower of innovations and developments in the sector, continues to provide services to its customers with its ever-increasing wide range of textiles.

    After a new investment of a chemical automation system, Akteks Dyes and chemical standard efficiency has been provided with the recently made automation system investment.

    Akteks working with a production policy that respects the environment, continues to attend to the expositions around the world presenting its R&D powered collections with designs renewed every season.

    Akteks Textile
  • Digital Printing Machine

    In 2011, Akteks Tekstil added its digital printing unit to its factory.

    Akteks Textile
  • Première Vision Paris

    Akteks Tekstil, while continuing to serve its customers with its increasing product variety every day, is a close follower of innovations and developments in the sector. In 2010, the company obtained the right to participate in one of the most prestigious exhibitions of the world; Première Vision Paris and has started to set up a stand every season since February 2011.

    Akteks Textile
  • The foundation of Neon

    With the establishment of our export company, Neon, we started to export dyed and printed fabrics to England and Holland.

    Akteks Textile
  • Rotary Printing

    In 1996, Akteks continued to provide services to the customers by increasing the production quantity with rotary printing, and also started to engrave screens in house.

    Akteks Textile
  • Filmdruck Machine

    With the developing technology over time, Akteks has included a filmdruck printing machine in textile sector in 1991.


    In the same year, it started to produce tie-dye fabrics with two machines.

    Akteks Textile
  • Akteks Textile was established

    Established in 1979, Akteks Textile is still continuing its activities as a full-time operating factory which is located in Bursa Organize Industrial Zone. Akteks has started with 26 table printing machines and then, the company has come a long way to using hi-tech printing machines.

    Akteks Textile


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